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Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper Unveils Intimate Hideaway in the Heart of Vienna

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Host Victoria Klinkhammer has created a special retreat in Vienna for her guests with this boutique hotel.

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The recent opening of the Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper marks the addition of a true gem to the hotel landscape in Austria's capital. International vacationers can choose from twelve rooms and suites in addition to a two bedroom penthouse and of course enjoy a welcome with typical Viennese charm.

Vienna, 02.04.2024
— Centrally located and yet away from the rush of the city center. The Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper is an intimate hideaway located between Staatsoper and Stephansplatz in Vienna. Each floor features one room and one suite. On the ground floor, a cozy breakfast room, fondly called Schmuckstückchen, awaits guests. The boutique hotel also boasts a two-story penthouse that can accommodate up to four visitors. From the exclusive balcony, they can enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna and look directly at Vienna’s landmark, the Stephansdom.

In the heart of Vienna
The charming jewel in the heart of Vienna is unique not only because of its location but also because of its personalized service. "It’s the love of the exceptional that we have in common with our guests. With our boutique hotel, we have created a place of calmness and enjoyment, an exclusive haven meant to inspire that is elegant and cozy and luxurious and cordial," says hotel manager Victoria Klinkhammer. Together with her team, she places great importance on personal interaction with the guests.

The suite names also have a personal touch: In rooms named after famous composers such as Mahler, Strauss, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky who are said to have frequented the location, guests enjoy the unparalleled flair of Vienna and feel especially connected to the artists in the rooms and suites that bear their names.

Timeless yet modern
The historical downtown hotel with an added personal touch is now accepting bookings. British interior designer Nina Campbell chose a theme that is both contemporary and timeless, and designed the rooms as private havens for the guests. On the outside, Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper evokes memories of Viennese Wilhelminian period architecture. In the summer, the Viennese flair blossoms when the quaint Schanigarten opens to treat its patrons to an afternoon Wiener Melange or a small glass of wine in the evenings. So, the guests can enjoy the historical beauty of the hotel in the heart of Vienna.

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Im Herzen von Wien ist das Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper ein besonderes Schmuckstück. Der touristische Geheimtipp wurde Anfang 2024 eröffnet und ist der perfekte Ausgangspunkt für Entdeckungsreisen in der Wiener Altstadt. Trotz der Lage zwischen Staatsoper und Stephansplatz ist das Boutique-Hotel ein ruhiger, exklusiver und inspirierender Rückzugsort. Jeder Aufenthalt wird mit einem persönlichen Touch abgerundet.

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